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Big Booty Beatdown

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Part Number: DVD-BBB2019
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Release Date: 2018

Running Time: 90 mins

Director: Que Santiago


Featuring: Chino Blacc | Texas Bull | JD Blackstone | Romeo St. James | T-Rock | Bubblez | XL | Jay Alexander

Product Description: 

Booty, booty, booty, rockin everywhere! This is for those lovers of BIG MEGA BOOTY. Featuring the star ASS power of Chino Blacc, JD Blackstone, Jay Alexander and the prince of porn XL, these asses are NOT to be fucked with. They clench and grip until the dick taps out.


Watch as Texas Bull makes Chino Blacc call for a time out. That’s just the beginning. JD Blackstone in his first Black Rayne movie calls for the handy man to handle some unfinished business. Little did the handyman know he was about to get a real “hand full”. JD plays no games and doesn’t let this tatted muscular man get out of his site or his reach. JD gets a nice messy sloppy facial as Romeo St. James fucks his throat until he nutts all over.


Imma stop right there cause I know your dick is already hard. Click the Buy now button cause this is a winner!


Big Booty Beatdown – Now on sale! Get your copy today!

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