Black Rayne Direct is always not he lookout for ambitious individuals who are passionate about our brand and will continually help us grow. The BlackRayneDirect Ambassador Program is a huge part of our marketing plan that enables us to reach out to other markets. Get involved with the Black Rayne team!

Perks of being a BRD Brand Ambassador

  • Exclusive 25% off discount  and special gift items to be used for new content for Black Rayne Direct
  • 10% off all new orders for your followers
  • Be featured on Black Rayne Direct blog, IG page and twitter feeds
  • 15% commission of the sale price every time their personal code is used. Believe us...this credit adds up FAST! You choose your own code. 

Program Requirements 

  • Create content and buzz for new product arrivals
  • Create content and post images rocking Black Rayne Direct merchandise on social media platforms
  • IG/Twitter page set to public
  • IG accounts must have over 5000 followers
  • Twitter accounts must have over 10000 followers

How am I Paid? 

Payments are made through Zelle or Cash App

How much am I paid?

You will be paid 15% of the profit. This is calculated as follows: [(Revenue) - (Production Costs)] x 15%

When will I be paid? 

You are paid for every 5 sales you generate with your unique discount code. 

What if I don't get 5 sales? 

No worries! You can request your payment at any time and we will send it right over to you. Just drop us an email. However, we do not send payments below $10.00

How will you know that I have sold anything or made any sales? 

We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. 


What should I post? How should I get started? 

  1. Post a picture of one of our products on IG or Twitter. You can go to our website and find a picture or we can send you a link with a variety of choices. 
  2. Tag @blkraynedirect <-- Twitter. Tag @blackraynedirect <-- InstaGram
  3. Include your unique discount code

Email [email protected] to get started. Include in your email:

  • Subject: Brand Ambassador Program
  • Your name
  • Twitter Handle: @yourprofile
  • Instagram: @yourprofile
  • Body: Why you want to be a brand ambassador for BRD?

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