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Best Dicks In Life Are 3

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Part Number: DVD-BDIL32019
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Release Date: 2018
Running Time: 90 mins
Director: Que Santiago

Featuring: Ali Savage | Ciroc Nasty | Deep Dicc | Gio | Romero St James | Marvo | Redd Savage | Trap | Mannie

Product Description: 

Whats better than 2 dicks? THREE DICKS! Best Dicks in Life Are 3 is delivers the best of both worlds. Big Dicks and 3 Asses. So many choices so little time. If you like a dick in both holes, THROW YA HANDS UP and add this to your collection TODAY! 

Real life freak partners, Romeo St. James and Gio headline this perfect "edging" flick. Jack ya dick for as long as you want cause every stroke will make you wanna buss. The obvious chemistry between Romeo and Gio makes each scene they are in amazing. Diego gets slutted out by the two and Mannie gets a relentless beatdown making Romeo almost nutt in record strokes. Gio delivers nothing less than a perfect body, ROCK HARD DICK and an eruptive nutt that will have you rewinding and jacking for hours. 

Deep Dicc shows his skills off in this holiday triple treat. The tender booties of Ciroc and Marvo get fucked down GROWM MAN STYLE! Deep as always delivers an amazing creampie and keeps on fucking. 

You've read enough yet? Hit that BUY NOW BUTTON. And we almost done.. How many nutts have you buss? Real life lovers Ali Savage and Redd Savage, take Trap on a wild ride. There's a special guest in this one...shhh, get the title to check it out. But it wouldnt be fair to end without mentioning the simultaneous MEGA nutts all over that dark and chocolate Trap face. Damn, he was plastered. 

Get your copies today! 

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