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The Power of the Dick

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Release Date: 2019

Running Time: 90 mins

Director: Que Santiago

Featuring: Adore | Deep Dicc | Ghamo | West | XCel | Ghamo | Krave | Maximus

Product Description: 

Who wants some POWER DICK in their life? The kind of dick that makes you rethink what you just did. The kind of dick you can feel the next day. The kind of dick that makes you fall in love and yearning for more.


We put together some of the biggest and strongest dick in the industry. Black sexy long stroking dicks. Krave, Deep Dicc and Xcel headline this title with their massive meats.


Deep Dicc stars next to his protégé West in this sensual almost vers scene – hahaha. Deep Dicc and West take turns feasting on each others body, from the ass to the dick before DD takes his lust out on West ass for a deep seeded creampie.


But prepare yaself cause Deep’s second scene is one you will have on replay. Adore makes quick work of Deep the min he bends over and spreads his ass. He delivers one of the biggest and messiest creampies we have ever had on film.


You may need ya fleshlight AND a full bottle of lube or Vaseline for this one. Brace yaself for the POWER OF THE DICK!

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